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  • The Big Christmas Session
    Sa 16. 12. 2023

    It's a wrap, thanks to everyone who joined our Christmas session: all the guests in the sold-out Schmiede and all the musicians of the evening:
    Nico Brandenburg (b), Peter Weiss (dr), Carlotta Ribbe (vib), Anna Karina Barthel (voc), Jörg Kaufmann (ts), Rainer Maassen (trb), Tom Lorenz (vib), Genevieve O’Driscoll (b), Michi Knippschild (dr), Axel Fischbacher (git), Philipp van Endert ( git), André Nendza (b), Christian Schröder (dr), Philip Wisser (git), Vincent Pinn (trp), Denis Gaebel (ts), Mathias Haus (vib), Sebastian Gahler (p), Inga Lühning (voc), Simon Busch (dr)

  • Nina's Rusty Horns
    Too Much Is Not Enough

    1. Too Much Is Not Enough 03:56
    2. The Thing That I've Got 03:42
    3. Baby, You Can Take Me Home 03:22
    4. I Hate Myself (For Being So Mean To You) 03:46
    5. Surrogate 03:12
    6. Back In Swabian Forest 03:17
    7. Where Are All The Little Angels 04:15
    8. Alone 04:32
    9. Go And Get It Somewhere Else 04:31
    10. Everybody Loves My Baby 03:13
    11. You Got Me Running Wild 06:00
    12. Bonus: Ol' Man River 04:51

    Nina Lentföhr - vocals
    Christian Saettele - clarinet & saxophone
    Clemens Gottwald - trombone
    Peter Kowal - banjo (& electric guitar on track 9)
    Martin Henger - guitar (& vocals on track 4)
    Pinguin Moschner - tuba
    Christian Nink - drums & washboard

    feat. Boris Odenthal cornet on tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    & Julia Zech vocals on track 4

    N. Lentföhr on tracks 1 / 2 / 3 / 8 / 9 / 11
    M. Ager / B. Davis / J. Young on track 4
    A. Jansen on tracks 5 / 7
    C. Gottwald on track 6
    P. Kowal on track 8
    S. Williams / J. Palmer on track 10
    J. Kern / O.Hammerstein II on bonustrack 12

    Recorded by Lars Wallat, January 2023, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf
    Mixed by Marcus Reineboth, mastered by Christian Zimmerli / zimmerli SOUNDS Düsseldorf
    Photos by Stefan Flach
    Artwork by Knut Schötteldreier
    Special thanks to MfKuW NRW!


    PETER EHWALD tenor saxophone
    ANDREAS LANG double bass

    1 No One
    2 Return To Sender
    3 Oumuamua
    4 Captain Underpants
    5 How High
    6 Imago
    7 Suntrooper
    8 Too Old For Too Many

    The quintet line-up around Peter Ehwald and Stefan Schultze with its traditional form of tenor saxophone, trumpet plus piano trio is a declaration of love for jazz and at the same time creates a context that is an invitation to reposition oneself. The basic principle of the STAMP quintet is the idea of developing music that leaves as much room as possible for development within a limited framework. No over-information - the compositions formulate the most important conditions for creating improvisational moments for the ensemble - directly and emotionally. Two very different and exciting soloists (trumpeter Tomasz Dąbrowski from Malmö and saxophonist Peter Ehwald from Berlin) set contrapuntal accents. The piano trio with Stefan Schultze from Berne and the Berliners Andreas Lang (b) and Moritz Baumgärtner (dr) fills and interprets the spaces of this music in a surprising and grandiose way.
    "Basically, it's not about pitches, rhythms or harmonies, but about what the jazz quintet sound means to us. We wanted to translate a kind of nostalgia, or the meaning of an earlier time into our sonic language and into the here and now," explains Schultze.

  • On 23 October, the Minister of State for Culture and the Media, Claudia Roth, presented the APPLAUS once again, and for the 10th time, in recognition of live music venues and their programmes for their cultural and socio-political commitment.
    Live music venues are honoured for their cultural excellence and impact in the previous year. The award-winning venues were selected by a jury of experts and the award ceremony took place at the Pavillon Hannover.
    With the Programme Award, the Minister of State for Culture honours concert programmes by independent music clubs and event series from all areas of popular music and jazz. Every year, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) provides prize money totalling around 2 million euros, making the APPLAUS one of the most highly endowed federal cultural prizes.
    This is the 5th time that Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf has been honoured with the APPLAUS. Following its nomination for the German Jazz Award as Venue of the Year last year and the award of the NRW Venue Programme Prize at the beginning of the year, the APPLAUS once again underlines the status of the Jazz-Schmiede as an important and high-quality venue for contemporary jazz music in Germany.

  • Joscho Stephan's Transatlantic Guitar Trio
    Wed 11. 10. 2023

    Guitar: Joscho Stephan
    Guitar: Richard Smith @richardsmithmusic@richardsmithmusic
    Guitar & Vocals: Rory Hoffman
    Special Guest: Volker Kamp (Bass)

    Video & Audio Mix: Malte Weber

    00:00 Intro
    00:12 The Mad Russian
    05:50 Hey!
    06:25 Transatlantic Bolero
    10:21 Rory
    11:33 Rory's Waltz
    14:27 Richard
    14:56 Mr Lucky - Richard Smith - Solo
    19:14 Sponsor - GypsyGuitarAcademy
    20:04 Düsseldorf Stomp
    24:50 Nuages - Joscho Stephan - Solo
    29:35 Rory's Xaphoon
    29:54 Time on my hands
    35:22 Night Life - Rory Hoffman - Solo
    44:00 The Band
    45:00 Tiger Rag
    49:45 Thanks for watching!

  • Deadeye


    Deadeye performing their self-titled composition "Deadeye ". Recorded live April 2023.


    Fri 14. 04. 2023

    Reinier Baas (git), Kit Downes (hammond B3), Jonas Burgwinkel (dr)

    Recorded live at Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf
    Recording&Video: Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf

  • Dear members,

    as some of you may already know, others have only just heard the sad news: Wolfgang Engstfeld, who had been seriously ill for some time, passed away unexpectedly on 18 September.

    His death is a great personal loss for me as a friend! But also as a musician - and this certainly applies to many other colleagues - we have lost one of the most important representatives of his instrument. As a teacher and inspirer, the saxophonist had a lasting influence on the next generation of musicians. "...One of the best that Europe has ever produced, a real personality with a sound that always got under your skin... thank you, Wölfi, without you I would never have become a musician," said Reiner Witzel, among others, in honour of his former teacher. An appreciative statement that is shared by colleagues such as Paul Heller, Mathias Nadolny and many others. As the response in the social media also shows.

    I will miss his vital, intense playing, which is at the same time so lyrical, with an unmistakable tone!

    We will be remembering our friend and colleague "Wölfi" in a private setting at the Schmiede in October.

    Peter Weiss

  • Sebastian Gahler Trio feat. Wolfgang Engstfeld
    The most beautiful city on the Rhine (comp. S. Gahler)

    Fri 27. 10. 2017

    Wolfgang Engstfeld (ts), Sebastian Gahler (p), Volker Heinze (b), René Marx (dr)

    Recorded live at Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf
    Recording&Video: Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf