Rokhs Quartet

We 06. 03. 2024
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Classical Persian music (Iran)

The Rokhs Ensemble was founded by the târ player Sogol Mirzaei and the singer and percussionist Hossein Rad in 2021. Two young and exceptionally talented musicians, the oud player Ava Aresazan and the kamancheh player Sina Danesh from Tehran, expand the highly virtuosic duo into a beautiful quartet. Modelled on the 'Language of the Birds' by Farid al-Din Attâr, a Persian Sufi poet from the 12th century, each instrument opens up a new path in search of uniqueness, while at the same time participating in the creation of a common musical language. Their pieces are not limited to a specific era or region of the Iranian world. The four musicians explore classical Persian music in all its complexity and diversity, with all its influences, including those from Central Asia and the Middle East. The imaginative playing and the fine, diverse facets - or 'faces', as the German translation of 'Rokhs' is - guarantee the expansion of the musical sound horizon with great pleasure. The Rokhs Quartet recorded its first album in March 2023 as part of an artist residency in France.

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News about the event

  • #aboutlastnight – the @rokhsquartet last night at the Schmiede with Persian classical music and it just sounded so beautiful! Thank you for the music! WDR3 was there and recorded it, as soon as we have the broadcast date we will let you know here.
    This year we have already been on musical journeys with our globalklang series to the American Appalachians, Finland and Iran. Save the date: on April 10th the journey continues and goes to [checks notes] BAVARIA, we are looking forward to new folk music with @maxjoseph_music.

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