The Organizsation

Jazz in Düsseldorf e.V.

Jazz in Düsseldorf e.V. has set itself the goal of revitalising Düsseldorf's jazz scene. After its foundation on 31 August 1994, the Alte Schmiede of the Salzmannbau was first converted into a concert hall. At the same time, the art space and studios were set up in other parts of the building complex. Since 29 September 1995, many musicians from the surrounding area have been given the opportunity to present their music at concerts in this creative atmosphere. The jam sessions give young musicians in particular the opportunity to get to know each other. Jazz music from all over the world is regularly offered in special concerts.

Board of the association

  • Peter Weiss (1st chairman, artistic director)
  • Nico Brandenburg (2nd chairman, booking)
  • Ulrike Klöss (treasurer)
  • Peter Baumgärtner
  • Walfried Böcker
  • Sebastian Gahler
  • Rainer Maassen
  • Jörg Weule
  • Ladislav Ceki

Other tasks are performed by, among others:

  • Lars Wallat (management, technical management, big band booking)
  • Angelika Niescier (Booking New Faces)
  • Mascha Corman (music mediation)
  • Michael Großmann (cash audit)
  • Jürgen Beer (cash audit)
  • Christian Möcker (cash audit)

Goals / Statutes

The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation. It finances its work from membership fees, grants, donations and support from its sponsors in addition to ticket sales.

The statutes state: The task of the JID is the cultural promotion of jazz music in Düsseldorf. The focus here should be on modern forms of this music. The tasks of the JID include in particular

  • Promotion of concert events in the 'Schmiede' of the Jagenberggelände, Himmelgeister Str., Düsseldorf.
  • Revitalisation of the Düsseldorf cultural and concert scene in general.
  • Creation of musical training opportunities and practice rooms.
  • Introducing the general public to jazz music.

Here is the link to the statutes as PDF

Become a member!

Benefit from the discounts for our members and support the Jazz-Schmiede and jazz in Düsseldorf.

Advantages for members

1. As a member, you and one other accompanying person are entitled to the reduced admission price stated in the programme - simply show your Jazz-Schmiede membership card at the box office.
2. In addition, each member receives three vouchers worth €8 each per year. These are transferable and can be offset against the admission price.
3. Each member receives the current programme booklet - if desired - by post after publication.

To become a member, either use our form (also available in the Schmiede) or write to The membership fee is always payable for a whole calendar year. Resignation is possible at any time.

You can download the membership application form here

Membership/donation account

You can send membership fees and donations to support our work to
Jazz in Düsselorf e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE14 3005 0110 1007 0330 10
to the bank account. For your donation receipt, please send us your details by e-mail.

20 years of Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf - A chronicle

Published in September 2015 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Jazz-Schmiede.
As PDF for download