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Velvo Sings Eurovision - 2024

Th 25. 04. 2024
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The "Malmö the Third" edition

When the Eurovision Song Contest came to Düsseldorf in 2011, it was no longer a question for Mayo Velvo, as a die-hard "Grand Prix" fan, to turn the long-cherished idea of a 'Eurovision' programme into reality.
Since then, the Velvo team - accompanied as always by Thomas Möller on the piano - has presented a new edition of "VELVO sings EUROVISION" every year in the weeks shortly before the main ESC event.
Velvos serves up a musical journey through eight decades of Eurovision history with polyglot pathos hits, combined with illustrious stories and dazzling background knowledge, which always add glamour but also unintentional comedy to this largest popular music festival.
The focus of the programme changes with each edition, as Mayo Velvo and his pianist Thomas Möller focus their dramaturgical attention on the ESC history of the previous year's winning country.
And so the focus is once again on "Sweden", which won the ESC crown for the seventh time last year and is hosting the ESC circus in Malmö for the third time.
Even if they usually only perform with vocals and piano, the Velvo team gets to the heart of many a dramatic Eurovision production and, with unerring instinct, also includes a supposed favourite for the next ESC victory in the programme even before the Grand Final ("Rise like a Phoenix" (2014) - "Heroes" (2015) - "Amar pelos dois" (2017)).
And so, every year, an ever-growing audience enjoys a varied evening of songs with well-known Grand Prix hits, almost forgotten losers and many an uncrowned Eurovision classic - lovingly arranged, commented on and garnished with occasional surprise guests.

The perfect way to get in the mood for the annual Eurovision Song Contest before it's time to say... "12 points go to..."!