Soleil Niklasson Quintet

Fr 09. 02. 2024
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Soleil Niklasson was born in Chicago and grew up in Los Angeles. At the age of 5 she was already singing with the famous Oscar Brown Jr. Later she worked with music greats such as Stan Getz, Billy Preston and Linda Hopkins. Soleil - 'the sun' - is a spiritual singer who is able to captivate the audience with her magnificent voice. Her singing is authentic, comes from the heart and radiates pure joie de vivre. Her voice is touching, warm and powerful, grounded and full of energy.

Soleil's music combines different styles, such as jazz, gospel, blues, soul, but also any music that inspires her. Soleil's lived mission is to be a voice of change for the better. Soleil says of her music: "I am a humble storyteller. Some songs on my new album are timeless, others deal with current issues. The stories are about life. There are songs that will hug you and songs that will shake you. This production was an urgent need to preserve the story in the process of making the CD. We recorded our songs during the pandemic, when the world suddenly seemed to stand still. We took the opportunity to be creative and recorded the CD 'Rise'. The songs are about hope, faith, love and courage and we hope to uplift and encourage the listener. At the centre of all my songs is Love is King."

With her talented musicians, who develop their very own sound, she has found a perfect complement that allows her songs to ring out in all their splendour.