New Faces

Ursula invites

Sa 10. 02. 2024
Normal price € 10,– / Reduced € 6,–

Ursula Wienken is a German-Polish musician from Cologne and on this evening invites: on the one hand her musician friends, on the other hand the audience, for a shared experience of touch, movement and resonance. Together with this band, Ursula plays her own music, which is inspired by and honours Cuban, Brazilian and Afro-North American traditions. With Raciel Estrada on congas, Joshua Knauber on drums, Claudia Ramos on vocals and Leandro Irarragorri on piano, Ursula invites not only experienced and versatile musicians but also her friends and is happy to share this connection with the Schmiede and the audience.

with the kind support of the Art, Culture and Social Foundation of Sparda-Bank West