New Faces

Mondo Chôro

Sa 02. 12. 2023
Normal price € 10,– / Reduced € 6,–

Mondo Chôro is a quartet of musicians from all over the world who together explore the music of the Brazilian Chôros and share it with the audience.
Chôro [Portuguese: to cry] is the traditional music of Brazil, which originated in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century from a mixture of African rhythms and European melodies and dances.

The variety of rhythms, the beauty of the melodies and the colourful harmonies paired with a wealth of emotions bring the Brazilian way of life to life in Chôro and at the same time form the origin of the more popular music styles Samba & Bossa Nova. With their backgrounds in jazz, classical music and folklore, the four musicians interact traditional and contemporary chôros in a fresh and unique way. Each piece of the concert is the starting point of a journey through the facets and characteristics of Brazilian music, to which the quartet warmly invites its audience.

with the kind support of the Art, Culture and Social Foundation of Sparda-Bank West