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Have yourself a Velvo little Christmas

Th 07. 12. 2023
Normal price € 18,– / Reduced € 14,–

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Since 2004, Velvo has been making guest appearances with its beautifully quirky Christmas potpourri 'Have yourself a Velvo little Christmas' to the (Christmas pre-)joy of countless friends and fans of the spectacle that has now become a classic for the pre-Christmas spirit, similar to the enlightening effect of "Dinner For One" on the New Year's Eve soul.

Like a musical Advent calendar, the audience can always expect a colourful mixture of popular Christmas kitsch and contemplative but also witty songs. There are poems, wondrous and sarcastic, as well as the odd Christmas story or 'Rita the Reindeer', which gets everyone's tinsel hearts in the pre-Christmas mood. Explosive questions such as: "Why does my birthday always come on Christmas?" or "What would happen if Father Christmas was a woman?" are waiting to be answered. True to the motto, "Whatever Santa wants, Santa gets", it's "Snowflakes keep falling on my head" every year. With this in mind, HAVE YOURSELF A VELVO LITTLE CHRISTMAS!