Young Jazz Talent Award 2024 #shorts


Young Jazz Talent Award 2024 in 60 seconds.
We even had to reprint ballot papers – you came so numerous! Thank you for cheering and enthusiastically supporting the four nominated vocalists Sophia Hufschmidt, Anna Galtschenko, Merle Böwering and Eva Swiderski. Remember these names because all four are simply wonderful!
Our thanks go to @jurgenringbeck and the Ringbeck Foundation for his passion, his commitment to promoting young talent and for donating this award. And for his work on the jury together with Fay Claassen, Kristina Brodersen and Uli Beckerhoff, who had an incredibly difficult time making a decision with so many facets of content.
And we wholeheartedly congratulate Eva Swiderski as the winner of the YJTA 2024, we are delighted and are looking forward to her award-tour in September:
14.09.24 Jazz Schmiede Düsseldorf
17.09.24 Bunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld
19.09.24 Loft Köln
21.09.24 Jazzclub Alluvium Oldenburg