Peter Weiss - Conversation With Six-String People


Peter Weiss
Conversation With Six-String People


  1. Boplicity (M. Davis, Arr. P. van Endert (5:43))
  2. La Strada Dei Colori (N. Scholly (5:04))
  3. Mala Suerte (T. Hoffmann (4:08))
  4. Happy or Sad (T. Hoffmann (5:12))
  5. Rudy's Place (N. Scholly / P. R. Weiss (1:44))
  6. Island (P. van Endert / P. R. Weiss (1:40))
  7. Goblins Dancing (T. Hoffmann / P. R. Weiss (2:00))
  8. Snippet (S. Hempel / P. R. Weiss (2:04))
  9. Kurt's Song (P. van Endert (7:25))
  10. Snake (T. Hoffmann (6:57))
  11. Philly Ray and the Notfinders (P. van Endert (4:04))
  12. Ohm (S. Hempel (4:18))
  13. Angelica (D. Ellington (4:36))
  14. Nadved (B. Willmott (4:24))

produced by

Peter Weiss

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Peter Weiss - drums
Philipp van Endert - guit
Norbert Scholly - guit
Sandra Hempel - guit
Tobias Hoffmann - guit
Matthias Akeo Nowak - b
Hendrika Entzian - b

About the album

A conversation with six-string people - a very ambitious and fascinating project by drummer Peter Weiss, in which he brings together the crème de la crème of German jazz guitarists. Great fun! No senseless noodling, no posing or other look-how-fast-I-am. The duos with one of the "Six-String-People" and Peter Weiss are great. From Monkish to Scandinavian expanses, from Tom Waits to Ornette, each one as different, as individual as the protagonists themselves. Peter Weiss belongs to the German jazz aristocracy, he is a drummer of the old guard, as the saying goes. His ride cymbal (and what he does with it) still belongs to the premier league of jazz drummers. He holds the whole project together, is like the big bracket around it. Always helpful to the band and particularly strong with the loose, ternary grooves.

Release Date: 2022/04/20

Catalogue-No.: 5152JS