Lovebird Festival

Sa 08. 06. 2024

Botticelli Baby love experimentation and creative friction. With an almost meticulous attention to detail, the musicians' collective handles stylistic contrasts and contradictions in their Essen-based Outer Rim. Botticelli Baby liberate jazz from its elitist headiness and punk from its canned beer-stained grubby image. Enriched with elements of blues, folk, funk, Balkan and pop, the result is a highly explosive fusion, which conveniently comes with a fitting name: Junk - a mix of jazz and punk, with which Botticelli Baby have quickly gained a stable reputation as one of the most unconventional and exciting formations in Germany and beyond. Just in time for their 10th anniversary, Botticelli Baby are now really letting it rip

This summer, Düsseldorf will experience a completely new music festival and the Jazz-Schmiede will be a part of it. Under the name Lovebird, various music genres will be presented and other art forms will be integrated. Jazz takes centre stage and is the basis for a wealth of new sound mixtures: jazz and hip-hop, jazz and electro as well as indie, funk and soul. The aim is to create a festival from an expanded range of music and additional fields of creativity, which, like a harmonious work of art in itself, encourages people to participate, listen, watch and reflect. In short: a feast for the senses.


Organiser: Lovebird Festival gGmbH