Big Band

Jorik Bergman and her large, imaginary big band constellation

Sa 11. 05. 2024
Normal price € 18,– / Reduced € 14,–

On this evening, Jorik Bergman presents brand new and highly topical big band compositions together with a hand-picked band on stage. Bergman covers a variety of pieces with very different and special content, including themes such as giraffes, cowboys, weightlessness in space and climate change. The programme offers a diverse mix of styles, with a particular focus on freedom and dynamics for and between the musicians.

Jorik Bergman, born in Leiden in 1996, is a Dutch jazz composer and flautist who has lived in Cologne since 2020. Since moving to Germany, she has received several awards, including 1st prize in the composition competition "Das zerbrechliche Paradies" 2022 of the Jugend Jazz Orchester NRW, the composition competition "European Composers" 2021 of the Subway Jazz Orchestra, the composition competition "Zukunftsmusik" 2022 of the BundesJazzOrchester and the ACADÉMIE DE COMPOSITION JAZZ 2023 of the ONJ (Orchestre National de Jazz) in Paris.