Sa 04. 05. 2024
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FRIDA is a joint project of the award-winning singers Sara Decker, Mascha Corman and Julia Ehninger, as well as Jeroen Truyen (drums) and Conrad Noll (double bass).
Three voices, double bass, drums and a song repertoire that surprises right from the start. Five strong personalities with different musical backgrounds create music for their alter ego Frida. FRIDA combines Sara Decker's and Julia Ehninger's preferences for combining pop music and improvised jazz with Mascha Corman's experimental vocal techniques and musical sophistication. Together with Jeroen Truyen's technical skill and Conrad Noll's flexible musicality, new and unexpected musical spheres are created time and again.

"Chapeau! You have to manage to bring Britney Spears and Emily Dickinson together in a programme in such a way that it works" T. Meyer, Jazzpodium