We 10. 04. 2024
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Fresh sounds from the Isar

The Munich band Maxjoseph brings an innovative fusion of traditional folk music and modern sounds to the stage. Inspired by Bavarian tradition and cultural diversity, they interweave tradition with innovation in their instrumental pieces. Each song tells a story about the Bavarian universe, often with a humorous wink, such as the homage to Count von Pocci, a popular Punch and Judy character. The musical compositions originate from journeys through Alpine regions and are characterised by breathtaking scenic beauty.

With tuba, guitar, violin and Styrian harmonica, Maxjoseph create new worlds of sound that combine traditional elements with jazz harmonies and classical melodies with pulsating rhythms. Band members Andreas Winkler, Florian Mayerhofer, Nathanael Turban and Georg Unterholzner combine traditional training with modern studies at the Munich University of Music, where they met. Their versatility is reflected in their musical range, which takes the audience on a fascinating journey through Bavarian culture.

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