Lindy Hop concert

Nina's Rusty Horns – Lindy Hop Concert & Party

Sa 03. 02. 2024
Normal price € 20,– / Reduced € 15,–

Sold out! Any remaining tickets will be available at the box office from around 20:45 - but we can't promise anything.

Doors 7:30 pm
Lindy Hop taster session for concert visitors 8.00 pm
Concert 8.30 pm

Finally another Lindy Hop dance concert with Nina's Rusty Horns. Nina's Rusty Horns have dedicated themselves to early New Orleans jazz with all its dirt and charm. Singer and bandleader Nina Lentföhr interprets the old treasures with her bluesy timbre, while the Rusty Horns' tight rhythm section drives the swinging clockwork and the horns spin their rusty carpet of collective solos.

On this evening, the Jazz-Schmiede turns into a ballroom of the 30s and 40s. Lindy Hop is the dance to swing music that found its namesake in the late 1920s in Charles Lindbergh, who crossed the Atlantic in 1927. The headline of the day back then was: "Lucky Lindy Hops the Atlantic". Today, this dance is back on the dancefloor and anyone who wants to get a feel for it is welcome to swing along or just watch.

Unseated concert!