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Frizzles - Improvisation theatre

Th 22. 02. 2024
Normal price € 18,– / Reduced € 14,–

Spontaneous theatre by all means

Everything happens in the moment, just like in everyday life, and the Frizzles love to create new things and surprise each other and the audience. The focus is on the creativity of the moment and humour. "We are often asked: How do you do it? Don't you have any stage fright? The answer is: No, we never know what's coming, so we can't forget any lines." The art of improvisation is to keep a clear head and be ready for whatever comes. At Frizzles, comedy, music, acting, singing and movement theatre come together. It's the mix that makes it work. Lights on, music off! Frizzles' conjure up a top-class evening of theatre for you from current events, the interjections and ideas of the audience and the interplay between colleagues.

The world has never seen or heard anything like it - the acting, rhyming, dancing and, above all, singing is absolutely spontaneous. No task is too difficult, no path too far - the Frizzles perform in all emotional and weather conditions. They utilise every known genre - or they simply invent something completely new together with our audience ... Frizzles love music more than any other ensemble. From A for aria to I for Indian fertility dances, F for fan choirs, M for moon music and Z for circus tunes. They plunge headlong into unknown adventures and make music in all registers. No two evenings are the same, and we are delighted to have a growing fan base that never misses one of them!