Wienstroer & Band 'W3 Project'

We 24. 01. 2024
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Wienstroer + W3 are a power trio that plays energetic instrumental music. Three extremely virtuoso musicians have come together and developed their own sound. The compositions are a melting pot of influences ranging from 70s jazz rock fusion(Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra) to progressive rock(King Crimson, UK), the music of Frank Zappa or Mike Keneally to 90s groove metal and the music of guitar heroes such as Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. The band consists of guitarist Markus Wienstroer and his son Jan-David Wienstroer on drums. The two have played together for years in many bands(Helmut Zerlett Band, Wolf Maahn, Überkings), from which they have developed their own style. During a rehearsal with bassist Christoph Wohlfeil, the three musicians realised that a special band chemistry had developed. This line-up creates a special band sound in which each instrument plays an independent role and the highest intensity is created.