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Idumea Quartet

We 17. 01. 2024
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Appalachian Tunes (USA)

The Appalachian Mountains are a mountainous region in the east of the USA. Immigrants from England, the Scottish Lowlands and Ulster settled in the Appalachians in the 17th and 18th centuries and brought their musical traditions with them, such as English ballads and Irish and Scottish tunes played on the fiddle. One of the most important symbols of Appalachian culture is the banjo, which was introduced by African-American slaves in the 18th century. In the Appalachians, the various European influences came together with African-American blues, but also with church songs - and their own popular folk music emerged.

The Idumea Quartet combines tradition, experimentation and humour, incorporating strong influences from minimalism and experimental music. The traditional string quartet line-up explores the traditional repertoire with a chamber music aesthetic. And when harmonised vocals are added, a special sound is created!

The concerts of the Idumea Quartet in January 2024 at Klangkosmos NRW are part of the NRW-USA programme 2023/2024.