Caspar van Meel

Fr 12. 01. 2024
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Satie: A Time Remembered - Album Release Concert

Bassist and bandleader Caspar van Meel presents his personal interpretation of Erik Satie's music. The sextet with three wind players and a rhythm section interprets van Meel's refined, original arrangements with energy and intuitive interplay. The ensemble playing and arrangements are reminiscent of a small big band. The music flows organically, alternating full-sounding brass sections, backgrounds and specials with intimate trio excursions and extended solo passages.

Van Meel focuses on the Gnossiennes - a series of works for piano written by Satie at the end of the 19th century. Although many jazz musicians were influenced by impressionist composers such as Satie, the scales that Satie used are still not frequently employed. van Meel highlights Satie's harmonic innovations and introduces them into an improvised musical context.

The title of this project, 'Satie: A Time Remembered', was derived from the famous composition by jazz pianist Bill Evans. Van Meel deliberately chose to juxtapose his version of this piece with Satie's music. Indeed, Evans' use of certain harmonic structures and the slightly melancholic mood this evokes are quite similar to Satie's harmonic progressions.

A successful return to an important chapter of early 20th century European art music. caspar van Meel' continues Erik Satie's achievements in an extremely creative and captivating way, giving them a very individual and contemporary side. A highly recommended listening experience.' - Thomas Loewner / WDR3 Jazz (30.11.2023)

'A wonderful album with poetry, unobtrusive melancholy and a gloomy gloom' by the 'Dutch master bassist Caspar van Meel' with an 'excellent sextet' of 'brilliant band mates - Ernst Weiss / Concerto (12.2023)

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