Anna Webber’s Simple Trio

We 12. 10. 2022
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One of the most exciting new arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene

Die in New York lebende Komponistin, Saxophonistin und Flötistin Anna Webber (»one of the most exciting new arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene« schrieb Peter Margasak im Chicago Reader über sie) arbeitet seit 2013 mit ihrem Simple Trio. Die Musik unterstreicht, was die New York Times die ›Bandbreite der Gruppenmitglieder‹ nannte: fulminante, intensive kollektive Improvisation in Songs, die sich wie Lebewesen anfühlen und das Publikum bei jedem Hören in verschiedene Richtungen führen.

New York-based composer, saxophonist, and flutist Anna Webber, called “one of the most exciting new arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene” by Peter Margasak in the Chicago Reader, has been working with her Simple Trio since 2013. The trio features bandmates John Hollenbeck on drums and Matt Mitchell on piano. The music of the Simple Trio highlights what The New York Times called the “range of the group members: fulminous, intense collective improvisation” in songs that feel like living things and lead the audience in different directions on each listen. Their third album, Idiom, was released to significant critical acclaim in 2021, following on the heels of two albums on Skirl Records: Binary (2016) and SIMPLE (2014).

News about the event

  • Anna Webber's Simple Trio
    Forgotten Best

    Wed 12. 10. 2022
    Anna Webber (fl, ts), Matt Mitchell (p), John Hollenbeck (dr)


    Recorded live at Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf
    Recording&Video: Jazz-Schmiede Düsseldorf

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  • https://www.jazzcity.de/index.php/jazzpolizei/2764-what-you-have-missed-anna-webber-simple-trio-jazzschmiede-duesseldorf

    "A wonderful evening. It promotes itself through a multitude of aesthetic considerations, refreshingly far removed from the verbal diversionary manoeuvres that some consider to be at the heart of the jazz discourse these days."