On Stage

The Battle 2: The Backbeats vs. NIK NACK & THE CHACHKIES

Sa 31. 05. 2014
Eintritt: 25,-

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Einlas 20:00 Uhr
DJ 20:00 Uhr
Battle: 21:30 Uhr

Beide Bands werden im Savoy-Stile gegeneinander antreten: jede Band spielt abwechselnd 5 Songs um die Tänzer auf der Tanzfläche für sich zu begeistern!

THE BACKBEATS  played nearly every Stage in Europe. The Award winning Combo loves the sound of Rock N Roll, Blues and Swing and mix it up with authentic Rockabilly.
THE BACKBEATS (as the Band of Dick Brave & The Backbeats) are known for their energy on Stage and deliver that feeling straight to the dancefloor. All of the musicians have helarious Bios and are members or leaders of Bands like: Adriano Batolba Orchestra, Blue Skye Orchestra, Swinger Club ...
Let`s go Swingin` & Rockin` & Rollin`.

The Chachkies got their biggest inspiration from the Novelity-Bands of the late 1930s and 1940s. A section of 4 Winds and 4 Rhythm Instruments will try to make the words true: Get Rhythm in your feet!
Be prepared for an intence dance night!